About KhanZaid

Khan Zaid, a great tasting shawarma place, was founded in Irbid, Jordan in the year 2009 by an entrepreneur called Zaid Nabil Abu Saleh. Its booming success is due to its differentiation in the market. 
Khan Zaid is known for specializing in chicken shawarma . The way Khan Zaid is differentiated from others is due to the fact they sell great quality products that are freshly prepared using the best ingre-dients. 
Khan Zaid targets all segments of the society due to the fact that they sell at affordable prices. its booming success have resulted in ex-pansion in Jordan with 4 stores, 3 stores in Irbid and 1 in Amman. 
Khan Zaid is looking to open 2 more stores in Amman to have a total of 6 stores by 2022. 
In 2021 and due to the high demand on the brand outside Jordan, Khan Zaid have decided to expand through the franchising program.